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Get the best treatment for your health problems by using functional medicine. Are you looking for more than just a treatment for your health issue or disease? Agape Institute of Functional Health and Chiropractic can help you. Our modern techniques and use of functional medicine allow us to get to the underlying cause of your health issues. Your health is our top priority.

Using thermography and specific functional blood labs, we can determine the problems you’re having and start educating you on how you can start becoming healthier.

What is Agape?

(Ah-gah-pay) is unconditional love & the expectant of wonderment…

About The Agape Institute

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a medicine that is made specifically for you. It will help treat and prevent the underlying causes of your disease. This is different from the typical removal or masking of the symptoms you normally have. The main goal is to have you work with our professionals in diagnosing the root cause of the issue and teaching you how to deal with it properly.

We’ll train you in the art and science of wellness and self-healing to properly utilize this functional medicine in dealing with your chronic illness.

Amazing chronic disease prevention

Typical chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.) develop slowly. This makes the stress and emotional effects almost overbearing. It will usually be followed by poor diet, drugs, toxic environment, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep. In order for functional medicine and Agape Institute of Functional Health and Chiropractic’s practices to work, you must take the first step. You must trust us and believe in what you’re doing. Don’t let hope get in the way of preventing your disease.

How we can help…

Seminars & Education

Do you want to know how to take action steps to become well? Look no further, we have the solution.

Meet the Doctor for Consultation

Our Doctors are the essence of what AGAPE stands for: Hope, Love and Results.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Are you tired of just managing symptoms? Finding & remediating the cause is your answer.

Did You know…

“90% of all diseases prevalent today are not treatable with orthodox medical procedures”

  World Health Organization

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