Early detection is the key to Defeating Disease

Are you looking to find a safe, specific way to find the precursors to health problems at an early stage, instead of managing a disease process? Agape Institute of Functional Healthcare has your answer. Thermography is an FDA approved, modern and efficient way to discover the precursors to Heart Attacks, Cancer and Stroke. Thermography capture images of your body, showing the specific spots of inflammation in your body that could cause sickness and diseases. Thermography allows us to see how All the Organ systems and the Lymphatic system are functioning. Contact us today to schedule your thermal scan.

Properly Identify Health Problems with Thermography

Breast DiseaseProstate DiseaseDigestive Disorders
Heart & Vessel DiseasePrecursors to Cancer, Stroke & Heart AttackPost-Concussion Syndrome
Hormone ImbalancesReferred Pain SyndromeLymphatic Congestion

Some of Our Most Common Detected Diseases Are:

Breast Health

Our focus on breast health is related to the precursors breast cancer. Detrimental heat markers and areas that no x-ray or mammogram could ever show.

Prostate Health

Our focus on Prostate Health is related to the precursors of Prostate Cancer. Detrimental heat markers and areas that no rectal exam or blood test could ever show.

Digestive Health

Our focus on Digestive Health is on the precursors of Bowel Cancer, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Aggressive Flora imbalances, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Parasites, Ulcers. Detrimental heat markers (Inflammation and bloating), no rectal exam, colonoscopy or blood test could ever show.

Lymphatic Health

Our focus on Lymphatic Health is focused on the precursors to lymphatic Cancers such as Lymphomas (Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins). Detrimental heat markers (Inflammation and swelling), no medical imaging, palpation of lymph nodes or blood test could ever show.

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