In todays article you will learn important insights into what could be causing you to feel this way. Followed by a Valuable, Fast and Informative FREE Webinar called Ask Dr. Why available to you and anyone you wish to invite. We will discuss which parts of your brain could be getting viciously attacked by sugar and what you can do to prevent serious damage. We will uncover the top causes of Peripheral Neuropathy (which is tingling and numbness in your fingers and toes). In addition we will touch on serious conditions that you or your loved ones may be experiencing such as: thyroid conditions, pre-diabetes or diabetes, adrenal stress, hormonal imbalances, toxicities in your air, water or food supply, gastrointestinal disorders, nervous system imbalances, chronic diseases and much more.

how fructose effects you healthAs you can see in the infographic , Sugar Brain can lead to numerous negative outcomes to your body and brain. Consuming too much refined sugar can and will damage your body and brain in significant ways. Even if your lab test results come back as normal, if you still dont feel right chances are its because you arent. Come ask me specifics about your personal situation absolutely free and lets get to the bottom of your symptoms together. The leading cause of your symptoms getting worse and actually causing significant damage increase dramatically the longer you wait. Click the link above and register today.

Does the following sound familiar? You or a loved one have visited a doctor and passed the tests with flying colors but for some reason you just dont feel right? If you or your loved ones are currently experiencing one or more of the above symptoms it is imperative that you seek help as soon as possible. 50-60% of patients have even had their other organs attacked by severe Sugar Brain, so its important to have the proper testing performed so you can discover the Cause. Or as they say, the truth can set you free. The first step toward healing yourself is to discover the Cause. so we can build a plan together to overcome this tremendously dangerous, potentially life threatening condition.

Many people procrastinate when it comes to seeing a doctor or taking action when they know something just isnt right inside. We have seen numerous patients at the Agape Institute of Functional Healthcare wait until the last minute to receive care. Although this is not uncommon, the longer you wait, the worse your conditions could get! In fact, putting off addressing your health, especially in regard to Sugar Brain could adversely affect your body in numerous ways, including harming your:

  • Pancreas (Diabetes)
  • Myelin (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Brain (Type III DM, associated with: Parkinsons, Alzheimers and Dementia)
  • Hormones (Breast, Uterine, Ovarian, Prostate Cancers)
  • Intestine (Crohns, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Joints (Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis)
  • Uterus (Endometriosis, PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Stomach (Pernicious Anemia, Leaky Gut, Ulcers)
  • Spine (Osteoporosis)
  • Spleen (Anemia)
  • Liver (Cirrhosis)

What is so interesting about the devastating effects of Sugar Brain is that traditional lab tests may not be designed to properly diagnose many of these conditions. Utilizing a Functional Lab Range (which is what we do at Agape Institute of Functional Healthcarecan provide amazing insights into your symptoms.

Take a look at the diagrams below:

lab test normal


In todays article on Sugar Brain Part 2: Have you been told your lab tests are normal but you still dont feel right? We touched on some very important subjects such as your need for further analysis to determine the true origin of your symptoms. Listing the many potential threats to your various organs all stem from the ravaging effects of consuming too much refined sugar, which silently leads to Sugar Brain. Due to the complex nature of these conditions and the complexity of the human body there is no one size fits all solution. If you have been told your lab tests are normal but you still dont feel right, then you must trust your body! We highly recommend clicking the link below and attending our Ask Dr. Why FREE Webinar now. We hope you found this article on Sugar Brain Part 2: Have you been told your lab test are normal but you still dont feel right helpful and informative.

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