Prostate Health Explained

Early detection is the key to Defeating Disease

Our focus on Prostate Health is related to the precursors of Prostate Cancer. Detrimental heatmarkers and areas that no rectal exam or blood test could ever show, Such as:

  • Chronic (prolonged) Inflammation
  • Chronic Lymphatic Congestion (the lymphatic system carries waste away)
  • Intestinal bloating that protrudes into the prostate region (not allowing he lymphatic system to carry waste away)
  • Testosterone (Hormonal) Inflammatory Influences (frequently, blood test results show normal prognosis)

Did you know?

Prostate cancer is generally considered an older mans condition. However, the National Cancer Institute estimates that in 20062010, 89.8% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer were aged 55 or older. And we are not talking about a small group of men.

There is no PSA level that says for sure that prostate cancer is present.~ The American Cancer Society ~

Thermography is the only FDA approved device that can find the precursor for Cancer. Early Detection is the key to health

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