Trigenics® – Advanced Non-Surgical Shoulder & Knee Treatment

What Makes Trigenics® So Effective?

Our approach to your care is multifaceted in that we could choose to incorporate individual disciplines (e.g. Physiotherapy, Brain Based Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Pulsed Electomagnetic Field Therapy etc.) to provide thorough rehabilitation, it’s actually our innovative Trigenics® Procedure that is the catalyst that accelerates your recovery and enhances the rehabilitative results of these other disciplines.

Why Choose Agape Institute?

The Agape Institute of Functional Health and Chiropractic is now providing the community of Coatesville at the Highlands Center and surrounding areas with the renowned Trigenics® Non-Surgical Knee & Shoulder Non-Operative procedure.

Most of our patients suffer from severe chronic knee & shoulder pain and have previously tried several other treatments with little to no benefits and are now left frustrated and still in pain.

We understand your frustration and that you just want to regain the life you used to have.

Our high success rate not only is due to our advanced Trigenics® Non-Surgical Operative Procedure but also because we have a 2-Step Qualification Process.

What To Expect?

Your First Appointment

On your first visit to The The AGAPE Institute a Trigenics® Treatment Center, if you haven’t already done so online, you will be asked to complete our Patient Qualification Intake Forms (click here to complete online).

Once this has been completed, you’ll be introduced to one of our Trigenics® Doctors at which time they will conduct a complete history taking as well as our comprehensive Orthopedic, Neurological and Palpatory Examination.

In addition, our Trigenics® Doctor will analyze any imaging you have (MRI, CT or X-Ray). If you don’t have any, we may requisition you to have X-Rays performed so that we can get a better insight into your condition.

After your consultation and examination, our receptionist will make your next appointment for the following day. At this appointment, your Trigenics® Doctor will explain their findings and the course of action that is necessary to address your shoulder or knee condition.

Please Note: Treatments are not performed on this visit as we have to perform a thorough analysis of your findings to determine if you’re a good candidate for our care.

Treatment Qualification Appointment

During this session, your Trigenics® Doctor will go over your examination findings from the previous day. It is at this appointment we will inform you if you have been accepted as a patient under our care.

Because we’ll have performed a comprehensive examination, there will be a fair amount of information that we’ll be sharing with you. For this reason, we expect that you will bring along your spouse or significant other so that they can understand the severity of you case. At this time will will inform you if you have been accepted for care. Once you are cleared for care by one of our Doctors we will begin your specific Trigenics® procedures. We will also go over your financial investment to help to get your life back.

As treatments progress, you should experience a significant reduction in your pain level, increased strength and increased mobility!

International Patients

If you live outside the country and are wanting care from The AGAPE Institute for Trigenics®, we ask that you email us any imaging that you may have (e.g. MR, CT, Ultrasound, X-Rays) along with any reports regarding your condition.

Once received, one of our Doctors will review your documents to determine if you are a possible canidate for our care.

Please Note: Although your imaging and/or reports may initially indicate that you are a candidate, we must still perform our examination protocol to determine if you are a true candidate for our care.

Qualifying For Treatment

In fact, if we cannot provide you with and results within the first 1-2 qualifying treatments, we will not accept you for care.

We are very selective and do not accept everyone.

If you’ve been accepted for care after our Qualification Process, you can anticipate having a high probability of success so that you can live again without the pain.

So call us at 484-593-0882 or fill out the form below and book your appointment today!

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