Life Style Coaching Explained

How Life Style Coaching can change your life!

At AGAPE we treat you with Love, Respect and Compassion. We understand that you are having a difficult time and we want you to feel welcome. Just relax We’ve got you covered.

We understand your tired of going to your healthcare provider telling them the same story over and over again to know that all you will get are drugs and surgeries with out truly getting to the root of the problem. I want you to know its not your practitioners fault. They are tied to a system that ultimately leads to a drug or surgery.

So what would it look like if you decide to make us apart of your healthcare team?

Your lifestyle coaching is biologically and specifically designed for you. Not your neighbor, not your friend or even if you had a twin it is design specifically for you!

Why do we do this?

In traditional healthcare the thought is, what is good for one person is good for all mankind. Its called Herd Immunity. This is not correct thinking. If it were, we wouldn’t have so many side effects or deaths associated with drugs and surgeries. What the traditional healthcare system has failed to see, is that our bodies have and inborn intelligence that handles sickness and disease with immune system completely differently from one person to another. It needs to be BioSpecific to that person.

At AGAPE we diligently look for the BioSpecific root of your problem, so your body is able correct the underlying chronic symptoms or conditions. This is quite different than the traditional medical model of treating symptoms, as you more than likely have already figured out.

AGAPE programs are designed to improve:

  • Energy and Vitality
  • Digestion
  • Sleeping
  • Body Composition / Shape
  • Fitness & Strength
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Feelings of Well-Being
  • Blood and Saliva Chemistries i.e. cholesterol, blood sugar, liver enzymes, hormone imbalance, etc

What would it look like if you decide to come in for help.

Our intake application is extensive and yes you want it to be extensive. Remember this is not only your health we are talking about, but your entire life that’s being affected not to mention your loved ones that count on you.

Then our Doctor(s) will sit down and analyze your application to understand what is happening to you. We will not waste precious time, by analyzing your application in your review, we do not make quick or snap judgements this is your life and the life of your family that we are honoring. Our Doctor(s) analyze your application ahead of time to deeply understand your condition and your story. Shouldn’t every doctor give you the same level of care? We think so. Therefore, please have your application to the Institute at least one day prior to your application review.

Once we have completed this process, we will sit down together with you and your significant other and go over your application to understand even further how has this affected you, your loved ones, your relationships and your life.

At this point the Doctor, you and your significant other will decide if it makes sense whether to move forward with your Custom Neurospecific and Biospecific plan of action to help you to become the best your brain and body will allow!

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