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Watch Dr. Stephen A. Conicello’s Award Winning Harvard Speech

Why Dr. Why?

“It’s time to give back and SHARE my message. It’s time we are aware of the power and what the body is capable of WITHOUT unnecessary medication or surgeries. Let’s empower people to live a healthier life through preventative care and reverse the self attacks of the body like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, sugar brain, type III diabetes, digestive disorders, stress and sleep issues. The information I need to share can either be taught through a very expensive Doctoral degree with a lot of student loans, and a ton of research time OR 20 minute “investments” to learn more” Dr. Why (Dr. Steve Conicello)

Through his medical education, Dr. Steve would challenge the explanations the text books and lectures and ask the question, WHY? He understood how the body functioned and the symptoms that would result in sickness and disease, but he was never pleased with the corruption of what the healthcare industry has become! Patients are already aware of their symptoms and the effects they have on their body – we want to understand WHY!

Dr. Why (Dr. Steve) has DEVOTED his life to his faith and to find the causes of sickness and disease through Functional Health with a holistic approach. After being invited to guest speak at Harvard University, he was presented the very prestigious 2017 Health Innovator Award. He realized people want to be educated and informed these topics and he can impact more lives than only his patients.

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