Two Methods to Learn More About Neuropathy

In today’s article we will cover the dynamics and life changing choices that many people have to make when deciding how to treat their Neuropathy. Losing the feeling in your hands and feet can lead to loosing so much more: Your time, independence, freedom, and your ability to drive or even walk.

How you go about treating your condition or conditions is absolutely essential to your quality of life. Today we will discuss the options available to you for treating Neuropathy in addition to some food for thought to aid you in your decision making process.

Once it has become clear that the tingling in your hands and feet won’t go away, or worse, you begin losing the feeling in your hands and feet, your Neuropathy is in dire need of medical attention.

The options available to you at this point for Neuropathy treatment are as follows:

Option A: Neurologist (involves nerve testing, more medication and possibly invasive surgery)

Option B: Functional Healthcare Professional (Utilizes therapeutic sessions designed to rejuvenate and increase blood flow, stimulate your nerves through specific neuronal therapy sessions and activate your nerves through specific neuronal therapies)

This is an important decision because who you choose to aid you in your Neuropathy treatment will have a HUGE impact on your quality of life during and after treatment.

For instance:

Option A: Generally involves potentially painful nerve testing followed by extremely powerful drugs designed to numb the pain. But these drugs dispensed to patients do not treat the nerve damage, they only numb the brain to numb the pain associated with Neuropathy and the peripheral nerve damage.

As you can imagine masking the problem is not solving the problem! Unfortunately, in today’s society, most patients are coerced into a drugged existence because they feel they have no other option than Option A.

Option B: Will involve establishing an appointment for further examination. This will involve you describing your symptoms as the doctor listens attentively to your peripheral neuropathic symptoms.

This option does not involve harmful medications or invasive surgery. After the doctor has performed an examination including some non-invasive neurological tests, he will provide a personalized strategy designed specifically around your individual recovery needs.

The benefits of selecting Option B are clear. In addition to the benefits of working with a Functional Medical Professional to treat your Neuropathy, you will also have a positive impact to your quality of life as well. By not having to go to as many appointments to see different doctors, taking different potentially harmful medications, etc. you are dramatically impacting your quality of life in a positive way.


5 Ways to keep quality of life without more medication, surgery or unnecessary testing provided some valuable insights into the treatment of Neuropathy.

We covered the two options available to you for treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and we explained what each option entails.

Did you know that over 20 Million people in the United States currently suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy? In fact, approximately 50% of diabetics will develop the condition and many more people taking cholesterol drugs such as statin pills will become affected by this disorder at some point in their life.

Thank you.


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