10 Signs you have an autoimmune disease

There are many symptoms that may show you that you are suffering from autoimmune disease. Nowadays, the autoimmune disease is being diagnosed progressively. If you are suffering from the following 10 signs, then there is a chance that you may be suffering from autoimmune disease.

Loss of hair or exfoliation of skin: There are many autoimmune diseases, for example, the alopecia areata that will straightforwardly append the hair follicles and in turn cause the patches of losing hair. Additionally, there are also some that make blemished patches of tissue which are typically white and with the exfoliation of the skin. Along with that, there are different purposes behind balding that is not identified with the autoimmune disease.


Coagulation of Blood
: Some of the signs of the autoimmune diseases are tragically more substantial and transformative than other diseases. Coagulation or clotting of blood in the artery of the body can prompt to various health issues. Along with that, blood clotting can also lead women to miscarriages and these are in some cases connected with the antiphospholipid immune response disorder and celiac illness.

The fogginess of mind: The absence of the clarity of the mind combined with weakness may make you think you have to get more rest and sleep. Be that as it may, the unending irritation in the frameworks of your body which is identified with your autoimmune condition causes disarray of mind, loss of memory, generic inability to remember and failure to focus which is generally alluded as to the brain fog. The fogginess in the brain can truly disable the nature of one’s life.

Severe Fatigue and Tiredness: If you feel severe tiredness and fatigue every other day, it is time for you to take an appointment with the doctor. Severe fatigue is a standout among the most well- known indications of an autoimmune disease. It is one of the common symptoms of every autoimmune condition and for the most part, this is a clear indication. You may find that when you wake up more worn out than you were before you rested, even if you went to the bed early. Weariness and fatigue likewise have a tendency to intensify in the wake of exercising daily or even simply approaching your day.


Emotional distress: Often it is seen that the autoimmune diseases are accompanied by the sentimental conditions, for example, the constant mood swings, severe panic attacks and a general absence of enthusiasm for one’s daily tasks. While there are few people who trust that these side effects happen because of the extreme unhappiness and dejection which are caused by having an autoimmune disease. There is also a possibility for these health issues to be symptoms of other diseases instead of autoimmune diseases.

Excessive production of hormone: At times you will see that the thyroid gland in the neck may suffer from some soreness, which in turn causes excessive hormone production. The thyroid hormones administer utilization of the vitality of the body or the metabolism of the body. A large amount of these hormones spurs the activities of the body. These, in turn, induce signs such as anxiety, a quick pulse, intolerance to heat, and reduction of weight. Other than issues in the thyroid gland, autoimmune also causes swelling of eyes.

Weakness in muscles: There are times it seems that life with autoimmune disease can feel like aggravating and distressing as you will notice that the tasks you could do with complete ease and faster now feels like it takes you more time and drains your energy entirely. This is due to weakness in your muscles. The weak muscles in your body can make it harder for to perform essential errands, for example, walking up the stairs or going for a walk around the neighborhood. You will observe that the weakness of the muscle is not constant, it may come and go. You may likewise feel sore not only in your muscles but also other parts of your body including thyroid gland.

Hindrance of sleep: Insomnia which is a type of sleeping disorder which is quite common in various individuals. If you are suffering from insomnia, it is imperative for you to go to a doctor. Apart from tiredness, issues in the thyroid gland and much more, the sleep disorder is one of the symptoms of autoimmune disease. Insomnia interrupts your daily cycle of your sleep due to the inability of your body to perpetuate with the temperature. Another sleep disorder that may occur is too much sleep than usual. You may sleep more than 12 to 14 hours and may also fall asleep even while you are at work.  


Thyroid hormone issue: Every once in a while the antibodies in your body which are produced due to the autoimmune disease, causes to beset the thyroid gland of your body. This, in turn, causes to gradually desolate the cells in your body that generates the thyroid hormones. Due to this, the low level of the thyroid hormone creates a disorder known as hypothyroidism. This disorder causes from few months to many years to develop. Some of the other signs apart from eradicating the thyroid hormones are constipation, an increase of body weight, weariness, being receptive to cold, dryness of skin and much more. Every now and then, by taking an oral ersatz thyroid hormone medicine which enables to reestablish the common functions of your body.

Issues in the digestive system: The autoimmune disease may at times causes severe problems in the interlining of the intestines of your body. This, in turn, causes regular interludes dysentery or diarrhea, bleeding in the rectal area, severe bowel movements, pain in your abdominal area, fever, loss of body weight and much more.  This type of disorder is known as inflammatory bowel disease. Along with that, if you notice that you are suffering from the symptoms of Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative colitis which are also types of inflammatory bowel movement.

An autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system of the body deteriorates gradually. Due to this, once the immune system is attacked, it starts to deteriorate other parts of your body which includes thyroid gland, skin problems, issues in the digestive system and much more. That is why it is essential for you to receive immediate medical treatment.  

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